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Thursday 8 August 2013

Consigning Political Correctness To The Dustbin

Given yesterdays hullabaloo over Godfrey Bloom's utterance of the term "Bongo Bongo Land", one can't help but be drawn to the conclusion that Britain's mainstream media are becoming sillier and sillier by the day. The fact that editors, commentators and producers are so far removed from the vast majority of the British public on this particular issue and on the wider subject of political correctness generally, makes you wonder whether or not the ruling elite of our country, the politicians, the media, the political lobbyists have any common sense left at all, assuming that they had any to begin with?
Bearing in mind that the entire leftist crux of the argument regarding Mr Bloom's speech was to do with the term "Bongo Bongo Land" and its perceived connotations with any state of African origin, which the progressive minority found deeply offensive, but only amongst themselves, it begs the question do they really believe that they're actually changing anything by being so publicly and vocally opposed to any and all types of speech that they themselves are opposed to, or personally offended by?
By making racial, sexual or religious intolerance unacceptable in the public domain, is that helping to eradicate racism, sexism, or religious hatred within our society? Probably not! Can politicians, political commentators, newspaper editors, or television producers actually force people to comply with artificially enforced social norms? Probably not! Unless of course they're prepared to enforce these new social norms by either locking people up for their transgressions, or by making them too scared to say what they really think, which is a bit of a dilemma for any elected leader who purports to govern a modern democracy.
Like it or not, people who choose to hold racist, sexist or religiously intolerant views are going to hold them; and what they don't say public, they will almost certainly say in private, which often also includes their access via the internet through to the world wide web. You simply cannot legislate for, or regulate against people's personal likes or dislikes; and to believe otherwise is just sheer lunacy on the part of those who hold such a view. As with any nation of several million inhabitants, Britain has always had significant numbers of citizens who choose to believe that one race is superior to another; that one gender has primacy over the other, or that one religious faith is more righteous than the others. Those beliefs are often not simply rhetorical, but are firmly and faithfully held; and no amount of legislating, tut-tutting, or publicly telling off is going to change that fact.
There also seems to be a mistaken belief that virtually all of these personal intolerances, on daily display in our country, are entirely one way, be that out and out racism, with white demeaning black; rampant sexism, where men impose their sexual will on women; or religious intolerance, where Christians or non-Christians regularly attack those believers of Islam. Clearly, by playing into these traditional and almost stereotypical types and agendas helps underpin the basic premise that only Blacks, Asians and other non-whites are ever the victims of racial discrimination, violent assaults or tragic murders. Likewise, we are lead to believe that women are rarely if ever the perpetrators of sexual impropriety, or that White Christians are ever the victims of Black or Asian gangs, whether or not they're inspired by their Islamic faith. In reality of course, our society and events that occur within it are much more complicated than the progressive minority would have us all believe, both Black and White regularly antagonise, attack and kill one another, women do occasionally commit acts of sexual impropriety; whilst Muslims and Christians do disparage, assault and murder one another, simply because that's the nature of individual people, be they Black, White, Brown, Red, Yellow, or be they Agnostic, Christian, Sikh, Hindu or Muslim, or even if they're male or female. To suggest anything else is absurd; and the very idea that you can somehow regulate, educate, or legislate for any or all of these differences, whether they're racial, sexual or religious is quite honestly, ridiculous.
We have not, will not and cannot create some sort of homogenised British society, where each feels equally pleasant about the other, human nature and its inherent weakness and frailties prevents that from happening. By regulating, or legislating in favour of one group, whilst accidentally or deliberately discriminating against another group in society, is and has been a recipe for disaster for Britain. You cannot under any circumstances legally compel someone to "like" a Black person, an Asian person, a Muslim person, or a Gay person, anymore than you can make one White person like another one, it's all too often all down to individual choice, personal chemistry, or whatever it is that drives the individual to like a complete stranger.
The problem with adopting the dogmatic approach of our "politically correct" elite, is that it only really works if everyone is willing to embrace their one-size-fits-all agenda, which is an impossibility. Individuals who don't like Black people for instance, aren't going to change their views, just because they're told to do so by some or other politician, newspaper editor or television producer, whether their opinions are backed up by legal statute or not. Similarly, a Muslim isn't likely to change his belief system, or his opinions just because the law of the land says that he has to.
It seems between them, our politically correct elite, including the likes of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg have helped to create and perpetuate a modern day version of the medieval witch hunt, where potential suspects have their every word, meaning and inflection minutely dissected by those who have charged themselves with safeguarding our supposed social harmony. Reputations, careers and livelihoods appear to mean little to those who have taken on the sole responsibility for enforcing this new ill-thought out policy of political correctness, as they generally don't allow themselves to be subjected to the same level of scrutiny that they are prepared to impose on others. However, rather than helping to create the integrated social homogeny that they would aspire to, instead their largely unwanted interference has merely resulted in greater intolerance, increased tensions and a more divided society than we ever had in the first place.
Not only have elements of our native language and culture been eradicated in pursuit of a completely alien concept of political correctness, so that traditional annual festivities, certain children's toys and specific English words have become completely "unacceptable" in our brand new multicultural Britain, unless of course they happen to belong to one of the many newly arriving ethnic minority groups whose presence is behind many of the changes. It is probably true to say that such alterations to what could be termed "traditional" British life are not so much driven by members of the immigrant communities themselves, but commonly by local and national bureaucrats who take such decisions unilaterally, without any sort of recourse to the indigenous British population most directly affected by such changes.
It seems scarcely believable that up and down the country native British communities are being asked to forego traditional Christmas religious festivities, for fear of offending migrant settlers; or that school sport's races no longer have winners and losers, for fear of upsetting those who aren't able to win a foot race. Certain local Councils refuse to fly the flag of St George over their civic buildings, in case it offends; and some Muslim groups can freely set fire to poppies on Remembrance Sunday, because they choose to. Black sisterhoods can publicly berate our border officials for simply doing their jobs, whilst our soldiers can be spat at and murdered on the streets of London, because the perpetrators claim their foreign religion permits and orders them to do so. Slowly but surely our laws and our courts are not only being demeaned, but being replaced by alien jurisdictions, purely on the basis of it being more politically correct to do so.
By no stretch of the imagination can such marked changes be regarded as progressive, or correct! It is simply the ideology of the completely and utterly insane. Rather than progressing our country, our society, such madness will almost inevitably lead to the fracturing of any remaining social cohesion that may still exist on these small islands. To positively discriminate in favour of one particular cultural, ethnic or religious group, at the direct expense of others, can only ever lead to isolation, division and civic turmoil, to the extent that we have already witnessed elsewhere in the world, be it in Northern Ireland, Kashmir, Iraq, Syria, etc; and what will the politically correct elite have us do then?
Although some may argue that Britain is a nation of immigrants, made up of Anglo Saxons, Normans, Vikings and many more such disparate ethnicities, it is perhaps worth remembering that these various people's, along with the native Britons and Celts have had several thousand years to adapt, to assimilate, to merge and to blend with one another, to create our own unique hybrid nation. Compare that to the current situation though, where millions have flooded into our country over the course of a few decades, bringing with them their varied and completely alien cultures, beliefs, practices; and then ask yourself why multiculturalism hasn't, doesn't and cannot work as its supporters believe it should. Modern day Britain hasn't just been supplemented by a few thousand Anglo Saxon settlers, or a few thousand Norman conquerors, it has literally been swamped by millions of foreign strangers, many of whom have absolutely no intention of integrating into British life, but instead are content to supplant our own native cultures, beliefs, practices and language with their own.
So as far as I'm concerned, it's refreshing to hear the likes of Godfrey Bloom and others dare to challenge the unmitigated disaster that the politically correct elite have helped create here in Britain. We can only hope that more and more Britons, be they English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish, finally wake up to the real danger that lurks behind the PC agenda that our politicians have bequeathed to us all over the past twenty or thirty years; and choose to consign it to where it belongs, the dustbin of British history. 

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Anonymous said...

Concise excellently written piece,you summarise exactly the paradox that political correctness brings.Underground intolerance.Political correctness is not so naive though, it is fact very sinister.History has time and again proved that if you enforce values and criteria upon individual beliefs and cultral ways of life,critical mass will finally be reached.When the individuals who feel stifled or percieve their very way of life is under attack and no debate is allowed they will voice their opinion in other ways.The silent voices then become a critical mass that will see violence as their only option to end the socially engineered opression.