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Wednesday 7 August 2013

More Bongo Bongo Please!

I wonder just how many people heard about Godfrey Bloom's "Bongo Bongo Land" remarks today and secretly smirked, given that someone in the media spotlight had either been brave enough, or perhaps for some foolish enough to actually use the term "Bongo Bongo" in public, knowing full well that the wrath of the progressive British mainstream media would probably rain down on his head like a bucketful of bolts?
Unsurprisingly, the newspaper responsible for exposing Mr Bloom's non-PC remarks, the Guardian, which was reported to have acquired the material from an outside source, was thought to be cock-a-hoop with its exclusive story, probably because it played right into the mindset of the ever decreasing readership that it now purports to lay claim to. Judging by some of the reader comments attached to the story, indeed most "Guardianistas" were glad of their new UKIP related bone to gnaw upon, once again demonstrating to the entire internet community, what a bunch of anal and out of touch lefty's they really are; middle class, excessively liberal and politically correct, to the point of being dangerously irrational.
Of course once the story of Mr Bloom's remarks was out in the public domain, we were then treated to the spectacle of most of the remaining mainstream media jumping on the politically correct bandwagon, including the increasingly disreputable and largely irrelevant Aunty Beeb, whose political even-handedness is at best highly questionable, at the best of times. Rather foolishly, like many others in this country, I once chose to believe that our public broadcasters and newspapers simply reported the news, now it is clear that they not only decide "what" is the news, but also help to engineer it, if indeed it suits them to do so! The fact that Godfrey Bloom chose to use the description "Bongo Bongo Land" when speaking to a public meeting, is and of itself, is probably of little interest to most people in Britain, who probably hear far worse in their everyday lives, whether it's walking through a public space, or sitting on a bus. The remarkable thing about this particular incident, if you follow the mainstream medias line of thinking, is that Mr Bloom is not only an elected representative of the European Parliament, but perhaps more importantly is a leading member of UKIP, whose every gesture, murmur and scribble is somehow worthy of public scrutiny.
Rather disingenuously, the mainstream media would have us believe that the United Kingdom Independence Party and all of its would-be representatives have to be constantly scrutinised by their reporters, in order to ensure that the British electorate aren't in anyway mislead into voting for any of the reported fascists, racists, or white supremacists who supposedly inhabit the UKIP ranks. After all, such people don't exist within the Labour, Conservative, or Lib Dem parties, although we'll just have to take their word that that's the case, because the media are far too busy checking up on all of the UKIP candidates, rather than scrutinising their Labour, Lib Dem or Conservative opponents. Is this just paranoia on the part of UKIP supporters? Well, people will just have to make up their own minds about that, but it does seem mighty odd that virtually every recent newspaper story relating to political intolerance, outright racism, or inappropriate language seems to find a focus on UKIP or its prospective candidates; which cannot simply be put down to some sort of eerie coincidence.
Having backed the wrong political horse in the 2010 General Election, when they advised their readership to back the Lib Dems and their leader Nick Clegg, the Guardian is reported to have reset itself towards Mr Miliband's Labour Party, clearly explaining its decision to "dish the dirt" on any party that might in anyway hinder Labour's chances of returning to Downing Street in 2015. Likewise the Mirror and other socialist publications have dedicated themselves to a similar objective, even to the point of funding a small number of extremist groups to do their dirty work for them via the internet and on the real streets of the UK.
For their part, the Tory media are already planning for the electoral fight in two years time, with the Telegraph and Mail leading the way, along with their, as yet unwritten "never let the truth get in the way of a good story" series of sensationalist expose', all of which will be designed to undermine and seriously damage their political opponents. It is indeed highly regrettable that a number of newspapers that purport to be serious journals find themselves so easily inclined to adopt the strategies of their tabloid counterparts, thereby dragging the reputation of British journalism even further down than the levels it has descended to over the past thirty years or so. For a daily newspaper which has helped expose some of the greatest wrongdoings in Britain's long history, the fact that the Guardian is now choosing to adopt such partisan and infantile storylines, simply helps to illustrate how low it has fallen when judged by its own previously high editorial standards.
The Guardian, Telegraph, Mail, Sun and Mirror readership's apart, one wonders what the vast majority of British people might actually make of Mr Bloom's "Bongo Bongo Land" remark; and whether they might equally demonstrate the extremely high levels of faux outrage as has been the case with much of our mainstream media. Mr Bloom seems to believe that most everyday people will not share the media's attitude to his off-the-cuff remarks, sensing instead that most right-minded individuals might choose to support his non-PC attitude to the subjects that he chooses to discuss, or talk publicly about. Whatever the case, ultimately people will make up their own minds about Mr Bloom and his suitability to represent them, whether in the European Parliament, or at Westminster, should he ever choose to stand for our own national elections. Personally though, I like the idea of politicians who are willing and able to speak their minds, without fear or favour, rather than the usual brand of non-descript political appointees, who are too afraid to open their mouths, for fear of offending this religion or that, this race or that, this country or that!
For far too long we have allowed a vocal minority to dominate the political discourse in our country, to the extent that we are no longer able to freely speak about any subject we choose, for fear of upsetting some or other overly "sensitive soul", who feels aggrieved by someone else's opinion. Sadly, we have become a nation of compromisers, to the point that the indigenous people's of the UK have become prisoners in their own country, trapped by a series of progressive laws and regulations that have not only stifled free speech and intelligent thought; but also allowed outsiders to gain mastery over us.  

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Anonymous said...

Mr Bloom is to be congratulated on having the guts to tell it like it is. Sad however that the British media were more concerned with his use of the term 'bonga bonga' than his expose of the fact that £1 billion is being wasted on foreign aid without any accountability.